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Today’s tutorial is NLE specific for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. However, the tips are also good for many previous versions, and even some similar functioning NLEs.

One of the most time consuming parts of editing can be inserting titles, lower thirds, and other text into a sequence. This video outlines specific steps to save an incredible amount of time by taking advantage of some of the features in Premiere Pro. Check it out.


In case you could not understand my mumbling or Jersey/ Brooklyn accent so well, here is a quick recap of the steps outlined in the video.

  1. Identify in the sequence where you want to lay out the titles and place a marker.
  2. Create one title to your specifications and lay it in the sequence with transitions, sound fx, etc. Basically, you want to create one complete title you are going to replicate.
  3. In the Bin, duplicate the title as many times as necessary to create all the other titles. Then change the content an name for each.
  4. In the sequence, select all the elements associated with your complete title. Then hold down the ‘option’ or ‘alt’ key, and click on the selection, dragging it to the next marker. Repeat this process until all the titles are laid out in the sequence. (you could also use copy & paste here) You should now have the same title laid out for every marker in the sequence.
  5. Open up your Keyboard shortcuts. Go to ‘Replace Clip’ and click the arrow. Underneath, put in a custom keyboard shortcut for ‘Replace clip from Bin’. I use ‘opt+B’.
  6. Go to the bin and select the appropriate title for the 2nd position from the start. Go back to the sequence, and select the title in the 2nd position. Hold down the keyboard shortcut you created (‘opt+B’ for me) to replace the clip with a selection from the Bin.
  7. Repeat this for each other title, selecting the appropriate title in the bin first, and then the clip that is to be replaced on the timeline.

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