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I have seen tons of editing tutorials out there that are NLE specific. I watch them all the time. However, I rarely see any basic editing tutorials that are useful for any NLE. In order to fill the void, I present my video-editing tips series, good for the newbie, and potentially useful to the pro.

If you edit videos, then you must be organized or you probably won’t make it very long. Organization can do some wonderful things like:

  • Save you time
  • Save you Hard Drive Space
  • Increase your collaboration skills
  • Make you easier to work with

Organization Tips

Some of the tips I go over in the video below are:

  • The Difference in organizing a narrative style production vs. a live event
  • Using bins/folders vs. sequences
  • Organizing b-roll
  • Overall setting up the file to cut

Check out the tips in the video above.


Would love to hear if this tip has helped you at all, or if it was the biggest waste of time since the internet was created. Barring a harsh, overwhelmingly dismal reaction, look for more tips in the future.

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