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Every friday we post a few interesting videos to enjoy for the weekend. This friday, I think the biggest news to indie filmmakers in the last week is the exciting venture from Vimeo….VOD, or Vimeo On Demand.

Exclusively for Vimeo PRO members, Vimeo On Demand is direct-to-fan distribution done the Vimeo way — with all the power of Vimeo’s beautiful video player, easy-to-use tools, and passionate audience. Creators of all types can distribute their work online, connect with audiences, and make more money with a 90/10 revenue split.

Some key features for filmmakers…

  • 90/10 revenue split – You keep 90% of revenue after transaction fees, and they cover all delivery costs. You read that right — 90%.
  • Your audience can watch anywhere – Your work is available online, as well as on mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs, all in gorgeous HD quality.
  • Customizable design – You can completely personalize your Vimeo On Demand page to match your work and bring it to life.
  • Amazing flexibility + control – Sell films, episodes, and more at the price you want, anywhere in the world you want — including on your own website.

Some cool things for anyone….

  • Watch full length features in HD
  • Buy and watch anywhere: When you buy an On Demand video, it’s automatically added to your Watch Later queue so you can view it on any compatible device — including your TV in full HD via Apple TV, Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, and more.

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