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This is typically the first topic of discussion whenever we meet a new client. They know they could be using video, but is it really worth the cost, and does it actually lead to more profit?

More and more case studies are being published on how online video content marketing is driving action to improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle, from getting found on search engines to providing information on what distances your company from the competition and closing the sale.

This quote is from a NY Enterprise Report Article on video production. It basically goes over all the key points of why you MUST be using video.

You see, most posts will sugar coat the subject. However, the truth is simple. If you are not taking advantage of video in your industry, someone else will. The internet, and fast moving technology, has opened the doorways to allow businesses of all sizes to take advantage of custom video production.

The following will go over the best ways to currently use video to grow your brand. Some of it costs money, some of it just costs time, but all of it will help your brand open new doors you may have never thought were possible.

We have broken down video production into 3 major steps, from the least expensive to the most: DIY (do-it-yourself), PIY (produce-it-yourself), and PROS (use professionals). The best way to capitalize is to take advantage of all three, like brands such as White Castle, Pepsi, Doritos, Old Spice & many more are currently doing.

Step 1: DIY

These days, anyone can purchase a camera. Many of us all ready have one: our smartphone. Believe it or not, with the invasion of YouTube into our lives, these videos offer something no $100k commercial ever can: a personal touch.

Any brand should be using DIY videos to connect with their market, convey their brand’s human side (personality), and to CTB (cut the bullshit) by giving it to them straight. Here are some great examples.

  • James Smith, Joe DeFranco, Pete Isip many more – All of these phenomenal fitness gurus used their phone cameras to build their brand. These guys are the types to watch if you are starting out, and thinking, ‘dude, old spice is a huge company, that’s why they are successful’. That may be true, but these and other fitness gurus have taken over youtube by speaking their inner most thoughts, training secrets, and life stories into the camera. They then share their personal journeys with the world, and in turn, have become very successful in their industry.
  • Grumo Media – Grumo media specializes in making animated overviews for a product or service that range from $5-10k. So what did Grumo do for his own brand? He set up a camera and talked to it for 10 minutes: no cuts, no transitions, nothing you can’t do with an iphone. That is his ‘brand overview’. The reason it is so effective is he used the video to speak to first time customers. As a business owner, we all have a pitch we probably repeat nearly every time we meet a potential client/buyer. Putting this ‘pitch’ on video helps it reach more people, but even better, it lets clients ‘hear your pitch’ on your website. This means, if & when they do contact you, they are already one step further in the sales cycle. That saves you time & money.

Step 2: PIY

Producing a video yourself means you do part of it, and you hire professionals to do the rest. The idea is to maximize the production value on a limited budget. Depending on your level of expertise using a camera, editing, and more, this may or may not be an option.

Assuming you are pretty handy with a camera, and can put something simple together, here are some tips to pump up the production value of those videos.

  • Logo Sting – A logo sting is basically your logo appearing on the screen for 5-7 seconds before &/or after a video. Sometimes referred to as a bumper, a logo sting is an affordable way (~a few hundred & up depending on complexity) to increase production value, and build your brand. It brings cohesion to your videos. As soon as they see the sting, they know the brand. Here is an example of a quick sting for Pixel Mobb…

  • Rough Edit – if you are proficient at using a camera, then this may be a great way to increase production value and save money. Hire a company to handle the post-production. Assuming your footage is shot well, and organized, this will save you some nice money, and give you a professional looking product.
  • Promo – If you are creating a DVD/Digital download for sale, and have a limited budget, this may be for you. Assuming you can shoot & edit the content yourself, hire a company to produce the promo for your product. Having a professional promo entices people to buy your product, giving you more resources for the next round. This is a great starter tip for professionals looking to build up their assets.

Step 3: PROs vs Joes

Using professionals is the goal. Whether you get to this point by using video or not, it is an essential medium these days to take advantage of for any business. While it requires upfront cost, the return on your investment will be larger profits, more customers returning, and better brand recognition. Whether you are promoting a product or service, here are some great tips to help you spend wisely.

  • Overview Video – letting the pros handle an overview video gives you the ability to use motion graphics, special fx, color correction, and color grading to present a professional product or service. It helps your brand make a significant impression and establish credibility.
  • Commercial – A tried & true method, but the concept has changed. You don’t even need to run a commercial on TV anymore. The web, and the #1 search engine in the world (YouTube) have given you a FREE platform to connect with your market. Creating a ‘web commercial’ gives you the ability to pitch your product in 60-90s (you can go however long you want but that is the best runtime for success as people get bored and distracted). Even if you advertise on TV, the web offers that commercial a ‘half life’ after it has retired from the air.
  • Location Walkthrough – If you have a brick & mortar business, then this is for you. Offering a professional tour of your facility, introducing key staff & assets, is a great way to introduce this asset to your market. This is used by many fitness gyms, the real estate industry, and countless other businesses.
  • Sales Page – As mentioned in the quote above, product videos have been proven to increase conversions on any e-commerce site. For example, Amazon charges the most $ for their A1 pages, which include a video. They get away with this b/c the videos increase conversions so much, that they are well worth the increased cost for an A1 page. Think of it from a consumer perspective. Are you more likely to buy a product you have to read about, or one in which you can read and see it in action. Exactly!

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