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Every friday we post a few interesting videos to enjoy for the weekend. This friday, I have another training video from Imagineer Systems.

In this live webinar, Martin Brennand will covers concepts of planar tracking, camera tracking and explain the finishing workflow to export and use mocha v3’s “planar cloud” data in applications like After Effects, Nuke, Smoke, Cinema 4D, Maya, HitFilm and more.

Software covered

Mocha AE v3, mocha Pro v3, After Effects CS6, Nuke and Cinema 4D


  • Planar Tracking vs Feature Tracking – understanding the surface
  • Basic 3D camera solve
  • Understanding PTZ, Small Parallax and Large Parallax
  • Exporting camera data to After Effects and FBX
  • Advanced solve techniques
  • Using your solve data
  • Moving object solves

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