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Every friday we post a few interesting videos to enjoy for the weekend. This week, I posted a few short films that caught my attention.

My Dreams vs. My Reality

A one minute Documentary of 13-year-old Tayaab, who works at a workshop. He is disable and earns about 200 PKR per day to support his family of 13 members.

MY DREAMS VS MY REALITIES from Arsal Shafa on Vimeo.

Samsung Galaxy SIII “Digital Love”

A new piece of content for promoting the Samsung Galaxy. Well shot, great use of flares, and subtly advertises the phone. Director: Florian Malak dop: Kamil Płocki agency: Cheil prod: Tomasz Zaremba color correction: Florian Malak check out >>

SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII “DIGITAL LOVE” from Florian Malak on Vimeo.

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