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Every friday we post a few interesting videos to enjoy for the weekend. This friday, I wanted to share the new release from Red Giant, called Bulletproof. From their site:

BulletProof is a complete offload, prep and delivery solution that bridges the gap, with a workflow that simplifies how you handle footage every day. Import, backup, organize, color, deliver: BulletProof has your back at every step. Review footage on the fly, make a first color pass, safely back up those clips — BulletProof hands you the perfect edit-ready shots.

There is a free Mac beta version available to download right now. Unfortunately, when I went to try it out, the Beta version has no support for RED files (.rd3) or AVCHD, so it was not a help on my current shoot. However, I’m looking forward to trying it out as it looks to be an incredible time saver.

Bulletproof: The other half of your camera is here

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