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Most fridays we post any interesting videos we may have come across this week. This friday, I wanted to share a wedding video I recently shot. I hate old school wedding videos so much, I did not even have a video done at my own wedding. However, since I had been shooting a lot of sweet 16s/parties lately (check out for my event work), this was a natural progression.

My only demand was Sinatra like: I had to do it my way. My idea for any event is to take the very best moments like a laugh, a cry, a hug, a look, a funny instance, or any other moment, decor, or individual who stands out. I shoot what I like, how I like, and then I spend my time cutting all the boring parts out to create a ‘music video’ of their wedding engagement.

I do this all with one camera (my Panasonic GH3), and for this video, I was only able to get part of the reception. (the contract called for none of it, but I had to have some shots). Curious if you prefer something like this (short, sweet, & shareable) versus the old style where the entire day is captured. They certainly did. Got more views in one day then people who attended the wedding!

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