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Last night, I was lucky enough to attend the party and screening for ‘A Short Film About Guns’, directed by my friend Minos Papas of Cyprian Films. The film explores the question, ‘what does a gun mean to you?’, while effectively bringing to light the need for a global arms treaty (which just passed in the UN!).

Beautifully shot and sliced, the film mixes in key interviews with stock footage of the devastation caused by guns worldwide. That’s why it was picked as one of only four films to be featured in Tribeca’s online film festival.

The director, Minos, was the DP for my thesis film back in college. Knowing him for this long, it was great to see someone use their passion to help out a cause they so heavily believe in.

That’s why the film has had such an emotional impact.

Check out the 8 minute film at Tribeca’s online film festival and don’t forget to vote if you like the film!

One more thing, you must be a member of Tribeca to view the film, but sign up is quick and free. Enjoy!

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