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Super Mom!

We were approached to create a small budget national TV / Web commercial for Dose Beverage, the emerging vitamin beverage maker of Vitamin Dose. After identifying their primary target market, we produced short to grab the attention of ‘Super Moms’ everywhere.

Produced by Edit Cellar.
Starring Heather Brittain O’Scanlon with Peter DiCataldo, Ben & Summer Normandia.
Written / Dir / Edit : The Film Boss
DP: Mitch Martinez
AC: Rick Cook
Sound, Music, & Mix: Dave Willis Lorenz
Make up / Wardrobe / Script Supervise: Lauren Watson
Special Thanks: Amore Social, Samantha Hardcastle, Brian Sheehy, Pete DiCataldo, CKO, O’Scanlon family, Phinneas, James Root, Normandia & Guida family