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Our longtime friend and client Total Merchant Resources (TMR) was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. They were the first company without a product to ever be on the show (that we know of!).

We created this commercial for TMR when they first were taking off. Then a few months later, I got a call about an opportunity they came across. They wanted to audition for Shark Tank, but needed a pitch video to submit in order to be invited to the live auditions. They asked me to direct it.

We made this pitch video which is now featured on ABC’s website. After submitting the video, they were accepted to the show without even having to go to the physical auditions.

On the show, after much haggling, they finally cut a deal with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary (almost on the flip of a coin!). Since the show aired, their business has taken off and their web commercial is getting great exposure.

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