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As with all reviews on this site, I have no relationship whatsoever with the following vendor, except that I found their service to be valuable to me as a filmmaker and thought I’d share this with you.

After shooting my short film Memorama, I was so impressed with my sound guy, he is now doing the final mix for me. So I sent him an OMF file via Sendspace (I have a pro account). He writes back if I have heard of MEGA?

I had not, so I checked out the New Zealand based company. They are in the Beta stage right now, and are offering every member that signs up 50 GB of online storage for free! From their about page…

We are a dedicated group of technologists who were given the time, opportunity and Internet access to build an awesome cloud storage service that will help protect your privacy. We have programmed this Internet service from scratch in Auckland, New Zealand. Unlike most of our competitors, we use a state of the art browser based encryption technology where you, not us, control the keys. Our design group includes Kim Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk, and Finn Batato. Our CEO, Vikram Kumar, has been Chief Executive of InternetNZ, a non-profit organization promoting the vision of an ‘open and uncapturable Internet’. We hope you like it.

Downloads & uploads have been lightening fast for me (Northeast US). However, a colleague of mine in the Netherlands said that uploading took forever over there. That may be because of where the servers are based for the new company. However, with 50 GBs of free storage, I’m sure there is got to be some drawback somewhere (right?). [more on this in the comments below]

Mega also offers a wide range of pro accounts through localized resellers around the world. Some quick browsing and the prices are quite affordable. I saw $99 / year for 500 GBs of online storage. That’s incredible!

According to their website, MEGA has much bigger plans then just online storage. They hope to offer a much wider range of capabilities.

The MEGA cloud is just the beginning. In the future, MEGA will provide UCE in your browser for a wide range of applications without the need to install anything. Our technology will protect your emails, calls, chats and video streams.

You can check out MEGA and sign up for a free account here.

If you are a filmmaker or freelancer who works with clients / partners all over the globe, what online storage services do you use to transfer large data files? Let us know in the comments below.

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